3 Ways in Which Knitting Can Improve Your Life

A long time ago, knitting used to be a fun and productive activity for all women. The techniques were passed down from mother to daughter, and this craft also had a social nature, bringing women together to relax and have fun. However, nowadays this craft has lost a lot of its popularity, and it seems that even our grandmothers have less interest in it. This is quite a shame, because knitting continues to be a relaxing and fruitful activity, which can bring you many benefits. There are even studies done on the benefits of knitting. If you see no gain in picking up this hobby, the following lines may change your mind. Without further ado, here are 3 ways in which knitting can improve your mind.

1. It’s good for your brain

First of all, this is one of the most relaxing activities. The repetitive motions induce a deep state of relaxation, melting your daily worries away. It has the same effect than therapy, except it is cheaper and more enjoyable. Moreover, despite it’s peaceful appearance, knitting is a sort of workout for your brain. It activates numerous areas of your brain at once, improving concentration, memory, hand to eye coordination and much more. Recent studies have shown that this sort of activity can prevent cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer or dementia.

2. It’s a fruitful activity

Nowadays, due to the overpopulation and the diminishing resources, it is now harder and more expensive than ever to buy quality clothes made of natural fibers. A silk scarf can cost a fortune and few people afford such luxuries. However, a silk yarn can be quite affordable, and scarfs are relatively easy to make. So, with some basic knitting skills and an affordable silk yarn, you can make your own silk scarf. As your skills improve, you can try making more complex garments, such as sweaters, cardigans and even dresses.

3. It improves your self esteem

Making something from scratch with your own two hands can be a great exercise for your self esteem. A finished knitting project can provide you with a higher sense of self worth. Moreover, it also has a back-to-basics vibe, which makes you feel like you could survive in any situation. Making our own clothes is no longer a necessity in today’s modern society. However, it is nice to cultivate skills that allow us to be somehow independent from the capitalism that surrounds us.