A Die Cutting Machine Worth the Investment ?

Purchasing a die cutter can throw you back a few hundreds of dollars, so it’s essential for the model that you go with to be of a good quality, not only passing the test of time and being in a great shape even after many years of intense use, but serving you great in the meanwhile as well so that the projects you take up with it will be successful all the time. By reading this article, you will get to learn what makes a die cutting machine be a worthy investment to make, thus ensuring that the purchase you make will be a successful one for sure.

Types of machines that you can opt for

On the die cutter market, you will be confronted with making a choice between two different types of models, more precisely manual and electronic machines. Although the end result is basically the same with them, the differences when it comes to how you operate them are major. Learn more about them here in order to figure out what type is best suited for you.

    • Manual

Old crafters are better acquainted with manual models as these machines have been around for a longer time, thus generally being more popular. As the name states, they involve a bigger involvement from the user’s part. Nonetheless, although you are required to do a lot of work, the effort put into it is minimal, and the results can be quite exquisite as quality manual machines, such as the Sizzix 657900 Big Shot, work with a wide range of dies, even with those that come from generic brands.

    • Electronic

Unlike manual models, electronic machines are more convenient to work with as they don’t really require any help from the user. On the other hand, these models do require you to have some know-how when it comes to using the computer. But considering the advantages that a top of the line electronic die cutting machine can offer, such as the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM, for example, it’s surely an investment worth making if you want to enjoy speed.

What to look for when you go shopping for the perfect machine

Now that you’re accustomed to the types of die cutters available out there, it’s time to move on and find out what makes a certain model the ideal investment to go with. In this section on the article, we will explain how a die cutting machine that is worth your money should look, more precisely showing you what are the specs and features that it must boast.

    • Generous cutting width

The cutting width of the machine is by far one of the most important specs to look into when searching for the perfect die cutter as it shows what is the maximum width that the crafting project you take up can have. A perfect example of a model that boasts a generous cutting width is the Silhouette Cameo, a die cutter that features a 12-inch width.

    • Design flexibility

Flexibility is of an utter importance with die cutters as it allows your imagination to roam free, having your choice from numerous pre-set designs. If you’re looking for the ultimate quality, you should go for an electronic die cutter such as the Cricut Explore that allows you to create your own designs, storing them as templates so that you may use them whenever you want.

    • Compatibility with numerous materials

The most common materials that die cutting machines work with are vinyl, paper, and fabric. While for novice crafters these materials might be enough, if you’re passionate about this hobby or you have even transformed it into your job, producing money by selling the projects that you create, you should invest in a machine that doesn’t limit you to using only three plain materials. What you should do to make sure that the model you invest in is an investment truly worth making is to check for it to be compatible with as many different types of materials as possible, some great examples of such materials being fiber, rubber, foam, plastic, sheet metal, fiberboard, foil, cloth, and leather.

    • Portability

Portability is an important aspect to look into, but it’s definitely not the most crucial one. If portability is what you’re mainly looking for, wanting to be able to take the machine with you wherever you go and use it under any circumstance, you should invest in a manual cutter as it doesn’t depend on the connectivity to a computer to work like some electronic cutters do.