Be a fashionista – wear ribbon in your hair

The summer is close, and you might be looking for different ways of styling your hair, but it might seem to you that there is nothing, which could impress you. Well, you might be in the right place, because if you want to be the girl who has the unique hairstyle from your group of friends, then you should consider using ribbons. You might think that ribbon is used only to wrap beautiful presents, but you have the possibility to transform a simple hairstyle into a stylish one, in no time, with their help. You only have to look online for some silky UK ribbons, and choose the colours and models that seem more interesting to you. You should not have the wrong impression that only because you are a grown-up woman you cannot wear ribbon, because they could complement even an office look, the trick is to know how to wear it properly.

Boho halo braid

If you have long hair, then you are a lucky winner, because this summer, you can fight the hot days by styling your hair in a boho style. You might have seen the beautiful halo braided hairstyles, and you might even considered having one, but if you want to impress the others, you should twist in a piece of ribbon in a colour which complements the colour of your hair. If you are a blonde, you can opt for a gold stripe, if you are a brunette you can choose a red one, and if you have red hair, well choose every colour you want, because either way it would be a bold option.

Ribbon headband

If you want to find a new hairstyle for wearing at the office, you should consider a ribbon headband, because it is not too bold for being worn at the job, but is stylish enough to make a statement. You only have to decide upon the width of the ribbon you prefer, and you do not need too many skills, because you only have to tie it around your hair. But because ribbons are made from silk, and they slip easily, so you should glue the ribbon strand to a plastic headband, and you will have no worries all day long.

Ribbon bows

When you go out with your friends, you might want to opt for a playful look, and the best way to achieve it is to use little ribbon bows. You can style your hair half-up, half-down, and tie the upper part with a little ribbon bow, and let the endings of the ribbon loose, to flow between your hair locks. In case you want to opt for a pony, you can style the hair as you usually do, and accessorise it at the end with a ribbon bow, in a colour that complements your look. For this style, it is recommended to have a giant bow, because it offer you a whimsical touch. Inspire from these simple hairstyles, or try other ones, but keep in mind that ribbon is the star of this summer, when it comes to hair accessories.