Best pets to get if you live in a small apartment

Choosing the right pet is more complicated if you live in an apartment, because not all animals are suited for the indoors, let alone small spaces. When browsing pet classifieds, you shouldn’t just choose the animal that you would like to own, but also think about its comfort and happiness. For example, a large dog will never be happy in a small apartment, because wouldn’t have enough room to play and would bump into all your furniture. Instead, you should get a pet that is somewhat inactive and that doesn’t mind staying alone in the apartment when you’re away. Here are some ideas for you.

Cats – perfect for apartment living

Cats are by far the most popular pets among apartment owners, because they are hassle-free, independent and don’t mind being alone all day. A cat doesn’t need to be taken outside for walks, can clean itself and usually sleeps when the owner is away. Small spaces are not a problem, because cats actually like them and besides, they also sleep on top of furniture. Most felines don’t attempt to run away, but you can always neuter yours to be extra safe. The best cat breeds for apartment owners are the British Shorthair, Russian Blue and Persian cats.

Rodents – hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas

Rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas aren’t the most common pets, but they too can be adorable and loving. They take up very little space, because they are kept in cages and don’t need a lot of attention. However, you will have to clean their cage about once a week to avoid bad odours. You can take rodents out of their cage to play with them or let them run around for a bit, but this doesn’t need to be done very often, which makes them excellent for people who want company, but aren’t ready for the full-time responsibility of a cat.

Low maintenance fish

A goldfish or a small fish tank is perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of time. Apart from the daily feeding and the occasional cleaning of the tank or bowl, fish don’t need any attention, but they make great companions. In fact, looking at fish swimming has been proven to have great benefits for mental health: it helps alleviate stress and depression and helps children deal with attention-deficit disorders. To enjoy all these benefits, you’ll need a larger fish tank, but if you’re not ready for the maintenance, start with a small bowl.

What pets are not recommended?

As mentioned in the beginning, you should refrain from getting a big dog. Small dogs aren’t necessarily better either, because they can be hyperactive and noisy. For example, many small dogs cannot handle being lonely, get bored easily and bite and scratch at furniture if left unsupervised. Last, but not least, you shouldn’t get birds such as parrots and canaries if you live in an apartment, because they make a lot of noise and might upset the neighbours.