Get the perfect smile for your wedding way


When planning the Big Day of your life you take care to buy the perfect dress for you and the best suit for your groom, to have your hair done and to hire the best makeup artist and you do all these things because you want to have the best pictures for your entire life. However, you should take into consideration that you have to smile in the majority of pictures and you and your groom may not have the whitest smile. In this case, you should plan a treatment for teeth whitening, and make an appointment to your Dentist Downtown Toronto. Create your ideal smile by visiting the cosmetic dentist and discuss with him what concerns you when you think of your teeth. Do not forget to tell him when the big event is because he has to know how much time he has to help you achieving your goals.

If you are a lucky person, you will need a professional cleaning, but before taking any cleaning, your dentist has to be sure that all your cavities are treated. The first step in this process is to establish a healthy oral hygiene that includes proper daily flossing and brushing. The dentist will inform you about the variety of treatments, procedures and therapies that can help you in whitening your smile. If your wedding is just a month from now, you have to consider that you cannot do such a big change because it will take longer time. One simple procedure is the dental cleaning, which means that the dentist will remove the unwanted stains and will freshen your breath. You have to maintain this result by daily bacterial plaque control. The length of this procedure is from 45 to 60 minutes an appointment and you may have to take one or more cleanings depending when you had your last cleaning, and how much tartar and stain is on your teeth. If your teeth are sensitive or your dentist decides to make a deeper cleaning you may need local or surface anaesthesia. Usually you have to clean your teeth at every 3 or 6 months depending on your situation.

If your teeth are healthy but you do not like the yellowish colour, you should take a teeth whitening to solve this problem. A professional whitening has the advantage of being predictable and quicker, if you do it at the doctor’s office. This procedure take 60 minutes in-office and you have to visit the doctor for one or two times, depending on what the result may be. The difference from cleaning is that you need no anesthesia and the duration of the result may depend from a person to another, and their habits. If you have some old broken old fillings or little chips on your front teeth, you have to replace them with tooth coloured bonding materials. Your teeth will look as natural as possible because these modern materials retain the same light and transmit properties similar to the natural teeth. You will always remember your wedding day and you will keep the pictures from it for your entire life, so make sure, that you will love every aspect when looking at them.