Home Remedies That Can Soothe Your Child’s Cold

Cold is often a trivial matter, but when the ill person is your child, you worry excessively and you would do anything to ease your little one’s pain. If you do not wish to give your child any medication, there are some home remedies that can help you heal your child’s cold.

Set up a healthy ambiance for the child

A cold usually last for seven days, while the child should remain at home, in bed. The symptoms can be various, from sneezing, coughing, fever, muscle pain, to lack of appetite and fatigue.
The first thing you should have in mind is to create an environment that is proper for healing and provide your child with warmth and clean and fresh air. Thoroughly ventilate the child’s room before installing them there, to make sure they will breathe clean and uncontaminated air. You can even place an air purifier in the room that will clean the air from allergens and impurities.
Another thing you should have in mind is to set a right temperature in the room, not too high and not too low, of approximately 23 degrees so that your child will feel comfortable. Make sure you install a safe and efficient heater that will provide warmth without drying the child’s nose and throat.
The air humidity is also very important to ease your child’s breathing and avoid dry throat and nasal mucosa, therefore you should consider placing an air humidifier in the room. The hot steam humidifier is a great remedy for colds and allergies, as it boils water and releases warm water vapors into the room to assure a healthy level of humidity, while a cold steam humidifier releases cold vapors of water, which makes it less appropriate for the child’s room.

Treat the cold with home remedies

Once you have arranged the child’s environment, you can start treating his cold with efficient home remedies. A great help in fighting cold is the honey, which strengthens the child’s immunity system, eases a sore throat and calms coughing. Combined with lemon juice, the honey becomes a true super-hero for the child. However, you shouldn’t give honey to children under 1-year-old, as it can cause allergies.
Chicken soup is known to be a great treatment for colds thanks to its combination of healthy vegetables and its nourishing and nutritious properties that keep bacteria away and help the little one feel better.
A mint ointment will help the child have a good night sleep if you anoint them every night before going to bed thanks to its cooling sensation that allows the child to breathe easier. You can find in pharmacies special products designed for children that contain oils, glycerin and eucalyptus.