How to keep your diamond engagement ring sparkling

It is for sure that every woman wishes to receive that perfect diamond engagement ring at some point and it is for sure that choosing the right ring is probably the hardest and most demanding task men can handle. There are numerous jewellery stores that have made their way through the market in the diamond rings industry in the past years and while some businesspersons decided to open their stores on the local market, others thought it was a greater opportunity to open an online store instead. The diamond engagement rings London are definitely beautiful, but in order to keep them sparkling, you have to consider certain aspects.

Clean the ring regularly

It is important to know that diamonds are considered natural magnets for grease, which makes it quite difficult to keep clean. The oils from people’s fingers can affect the diamond’s fire and brilliance and trying to make it look as shiny as it was in the first day might be quite challenging after a while. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to clean the diamond regularly by soaking it in a degreasing solution made from water and some drops of gentle dish soap for instance no more than twice a week. Keep in mind that you should use a new, soft and clean toothbrush too to remove the remaining dirt right after you get the ring out of the cleaning solution. It is easier to clean those hard to reach places using a toothbrush than other object that might deteriorate the quality of your ring.

Remove it before undergoing household activities

It is not recommended to wear jewellery such as diamond rings when performing household activities, not only because you might lose the jewellery pieces, but also because they might get dirty quite easily. Even though you intend to use cleaning gloves, you should know that your ring might still be affected, since it might happen for water mixed with some cleaning solutions to slip under the glove and reach the ring. The best way to prevent this from happening is to remove the ring every time you perform such activities. It is also advisable to remove the diamond ring before you apply makeup products too, thus avoiding any mishaps from happening such as knocking the ring or causing any other physical damage.

Provide on-going care

Experts recommend taking diamond jewellery to an expert at least once a year in order to be checked and to ensure you the diamond is not going to suddenly spring out from its settings. It is important in this case to look for a professional and reliable jeweller in order to make sure you will benefit from the best results. What is more, the way in which you store your diamond jewellery has a lot to do with maintaining it in good shape for as long as possible. Store the jewellery in a special box or in a fabric container, apart from other pieces of jewellery in case you intend not wearing them for a while.