How to master contour makeup

When it is done right, contouring gives your appearance shape and enhance your natural features. Contouring is similar to Photoshop: it is not meant to be noticed, but to give your face a subtle definition. The beauty technique popularized by trendy celebrities such as the Victoria’s Secret models or the Kardashians is the most promoted makeup trend and for good reasons. Nonetheless, it seems that there is a lot of confusion surrounding this beauty technique. If you have never applied your makeup before, then it is time you learn how to do face contouring. Like any makeup, it requires a little bit of knowledge and skill. Learning how to apply contour makeup will change your life. Grab a mirror, makeup basics and brushes, and follow these instruction:

Sketch your face

Makeup artists create shadows and light in order to produce the illusion of high cheekbones and slim nose and chin. Although they tend to use different methods, makeup artists take into account the shape of the face.

Heart-shaped face. Contour along the side so your forehead and the area below the cheekbones. Other points that you need to highlight are the bridge of the nose, the jawline and the corners of your mouth. If the makeup is not applied in a complementary fashion, you will lack symmetry.

Oblong face. Create the illusion of a lower hairline and make you appear slightly rounder. In order to achieve this effect, concentrate on the hairline, under the chin and below the cheekbones. Strat by applying foundation and powder, after which you can pass onto highlighting your main points.

Oval faces should do the exact opposite, namely make the hairline appear narrower. Contour the sides of the forehead and the area below the cheekbones. You should choose a natural color and a translucent powder.

Rectangle and square face shapes will apply makeup on the sides of the forehead, along the hairline. Consider adding a darker color along the hairline.

Diamond shape. Your do not need many makeup tricks, but you will want to apply makeup to the area below the cheekbones in order to create a softer appearance and to balance your shape.

The list can go on and you can find many diagrams on the Internet to help you.

Basic steps

Before starting to apply makeup, you should get the right tools. The tools that should not be missing from your makeup kit are brushes and a contour powder. Taking into account that you will be using them more than once, you have to make sure that they are top quality. The goal of contouring is not to mimic the look of a tan, but rather to enhance your natural features. As mentioned before, special attention should be given to the cheekbones. To place the powder in the right place, pucker your lips. With a soft, angle brush sweep the contour under the cheekbone and tap the areas with a damper. This will merge the contour into your base foundation. Not only will your skin have a healthy glow, but you will instantly look years younger. In order to secure the look, use translucent powder.