Is It Safe to Sanitize Baby Bottles in the Dishwasher?

For a baby, hygiene and sanitation are very important in order to avoid germs and bacteria to get into their body, therefore the sanitation of baby bottles is a matter you should be careful about. Discover which method is the most effective and whether it is safe to use the dishwasher for sanitizing your baby’s bottles.

Sanitation is very important for a healthy development

Nutrition hygiene is vital for a sane development of the baby and mothers should be very cautious on how they wash the baby bottles. In the past, because of the doubtful materials the bottle were made of and the poor quality of the water, sanitation was required after each use. Nowadays opinions are divided regarding the thorough sanitation of food containers. However, for a maximum level of safety and hygiene, you should perform a sanitation at least twice a day. Many mommies wash their babies’ bottles with water and a special detergent using a bottle brush they rub on every part of the bottle, the teat, and the pacifier. Although this is a useful thing to do, not every germ is removed with only water and detergent and sanitation is required for complete cleaning.

There are many ways to sanitize baby bottles

The sanitation of baby bottles is not necessarily a difficult process, but it should be done often to have effective results and it sometimes becomes a daily routine that can be annoying. There are several ways to sanitize baby bottles, but not all are equally effective. Depending on the time, the budget and the tools you have available, you can sanitize bottles with a sterilizer specifically designed for this purpose. You can also boil the bottles in hot water. Nevertheless, while checking out the best websites that feature dishwasher comparisons, we saw that a lot of the latest dishwashers are equipped with a sanitizing option. A lot of customers neglect this option because they think that it is not safe enough.

Can a dishwasher sanitize the baby bottles?

A dishwasher is a useful appliance that can clean your dishes very well, but can it do the same good job with the baby bottles? Washing the baby bottles in the dishwasher can clean the bottles and remove some of the germs that are present on the bottle, but other types of germs require sanitation to disappear, therefore if you want to make sure you completely sanitize the bottles you should look for a dishwasher with a sanitation setting. Specially designed for sanitation dishwashers offer deeper cleaning thanks to a hot-water rinse feature that kills a wide range of germs that are not normally killed with a regular dishwasher. However, it needs to be a dishwasher which has a certified sanitizing option. If you want to ease the bottle sanitizing, make sure you purchase a dishwasher with this particular feature that is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation. The reviews presented on that website will allow you to make some dishwasher comparisons and choose the appliance that will bring you only advantages.