Is It Safe to Use a Cooling Fan in the Kid’s Room

Keeping a fan at home instead of an air conditioner is a common practice of most homeowners who are willing to save on their electricity bill. However, keeping a fan in the kid’s room is different and it requires more attention as children are more sensitive to the cool air created by the fan. Let’s find out how safe cooling fans are and which is the best type that can be used in the kid’s room.

    • It’s known that small children and babies should not be exposed to the cold air blown by the air conditioner because this can affect their respiratory system and can cause them serious health problems. However, keeping the child in a room with a high temperature can also affect their health as it can dry their airways and increase their body temperature to an alarming level. This is why many tests have been performed on various cooling fans that could be used in the kid’s room without any risk of causing them health issues.
    • Unlike air conditioners that blow a draft of cool air into the room, fans use rotating blades to circulate the air that already exists in the room. This results in a cool airflow that decreases the discomfort level and lowers the room temperature without blowing any cool air into the room. This particular feature is what makes cooling fans safer for children use, compared to the air conditioner. Fans come in a variety of types, shapes, and sized but the operating mode is basically the same. However, some are more appropriate for a kid’s room due top their safe operating. Fans are risky because children can stick their fingers into the rotating blades and can cause themselves serious injuries. This is why you must opt for the safest type of cooling fans.
    • Tower fans are a safe version that can be used in kid’s rooms due to the small rotating blades that are well-hidden inside the housing so the child is not exposed to them. The airflow is distributed on a wider area due to the tall shape and the oscillating feature increases the functionality and performance of this type of fan. There is also a particular brand of tower fans called the Dyson tower fans that don’t use blades to create cool air but an innovative technology that multiplies the cool air and spreads it on a wide area. This makes them very safe to use around children without any safety or health risk. Visit towerfan reviews if you wish to learn more about this type of fans, and see which are the most convenient ones.