Little Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a festivity designed for all ages and if the adults are excited about finding a great costume, kids are even more thrilled about the idea of dressing up. If you are looking for costume ideas that are suitable for your little girl, you can inspire fro this article and the choose the one that you like the most.

Princess costume

Every little girl’s dream is to become a princess when they grow up, but thanks to Halloween they don’t have to wait that long to make their dream come true. There are plenty of princess dresses available in stores, in various colors and decorated with beautiful details like glitter, pearls, crystals or lace.

Minnie Mouse costume

Every little girl is fascinated about the Disney character Minnie Mouse, so this costume idea will definitely please many little girls. These Minnie Mouse costumes have everything they need to a little girl’s favorite, starting with the delicate dotted dress and ending with the sweet headband with Minnie Mouse ears. You can choose between a red or a pink costume depending on your girl’s color preferences.

Fairy tale characters costumes

Fairy tales are a little girl’s favorite fantasy where they can be whoever they want, which is why most little girls choose to become a fairy tale character for Halloween. Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, the little Mermaid and many others are great costume choices and little girls will be thrilled to wear a fairy tale costume on Halloween.

Little witch costume

Since it’s Halloween, you can opt for a cute witch costume for your little girls. She will surely look funny dressed as a witch, with the large hat and the flying broom. Although it is a witch costume, it still remains extremely cute considering it’s a miniature version of a witch.

Colorful Uggsy MonStar costume

This Halloween costume has cuteness written all over it, which makes it perfect for a sweet little girl. The costume includes a long sleeve hooded jacket with faux fur on the cuffs and the hood has Uggsy’s head shape. To complete the cuteness, the skirt is a ruffled tutu in pastel colors and the costume includes a pair of furry legwarmers in a strong pink shade.

Crayola costume

Kid’s favorite, the Crayola crayons are a great choice for a Halloween costume for little girls. The costume includes a black long sleeve jumpsuit and a Crayola packaging consisting of a pink tunic with the Crayola logo and a hat that looks like the tip of a crayon.

Some of the costumes presented above can be made at home. There, you will also find some great family costume ideas, which you and your family might enjoy wearing for this Halloween.