Office clothes – not a problem anymore

We live in the era when women have to work as much as men, in order to build a successful career. So, there is no wonder that they spend a lot of time in their working place, being very busy with the day by day tasks. But a busy working program is not an excuse for a woman not to take care of her appearance. Once it was said that is “better to arrive later than to arrive ugly”. But the modern woman cannot afford this luxury anymore. In order to have a good image and to be considered a trustworthy person, a woman has to arrive on time and also to look great.

Office clothes – dos and don’ts

First of all, the length matters! It means that a woman who wants to be respected has to choose the suitable length for her office clothes. So, it is highly recommended to forget about miniskirts or shorts. Sometimes midi clothes are the best solution. And if you cannot find your inspiration, you can get some ideas from StyleWe. There are a lot of products that can help you fill your entire wardrobe.

Secondly, less is more! Fashion designers strongly advise woman to forget about sophisticated styles which involve shinny colors and a lot of sparkles. Colors should remain as neutral as possible. For example, you can choose brown, grey, beige, dark green, dusty pink or magenta. Wearing too much black is not a good solution too because you can seem sad and depressive.

Accessories – the secret ingredient of a good looking outfit

Solve the accessories problem! It is also recommended to go for small ear rings, bracelets and necklaces and to match them as better as possible with the rest of the office outfit. Accessories are like salt. If you put too much, you can ruin the entire food. But if you choose the right quantity everything will be tasty.

Trust the power of an office bag! There are voices which say that the most important part regarding the office outfit is the bag. So a woman needs at least one elegant bag in her closet. She should be able to match it with various types of clothes, from dresses to trousers.

The best shoes for work

High heels or low platform shoes? Both! Everything that matters is the way you match them. For example, sometimes the high heels can be very inconvenient, so it is better to save them for parties and go for normal shoes. During a working day, a woman has to walk a lot and if she does not own a car, it is better to go for low platforms. But do not exaggerate! The flip flops are not a good solution.

Flowers are cute, but they make you look younger than you are. Or maybe, they will make you look “too hippie”. So it is better to opt for clothes that have less floral prints. The same rule is applied when it comes to animal prints. Some accessories that contain animal print may be a good idea, but more such details can make someone look kitsch.