Perfect places in London to spend the day with the kids

Many people avoid visiting London out of fear that the great capital is not child friendly. The truth is, however, that the populous city is one of the best places to go with kids, being full of incredible experiences. No matter the age or the interests of your children, you can be sure you will find a number of attractions. If you are preparing to take a trip to London with your kids, you should definitely take into account spending the day at the following places. Your children will simply love these locations.

Pollock’s Toy Museum

The first thing you should do when visitare Londra con bambini is to book tickets for Pollock’s Toy Museum. Named after a well-known printer of toy theatres, the museum represents a paradise for toys of all kinds. The toy museum enjoyed great popularity in the 1800s and it continues to be widely admired. If you visit this exhibition place on a Saturday, you will be surprised to find out that it is virtually crowdless. While browsing through the shop, you will discover that there are entertainment articles for adults as well. You and your kids will certainly be impressed with the antique treasures and the live theatre performances.

Harry Potter world

If you want to be the best parent ever, you should take your children to visit the Warner Bros. Studio. The studio tour is located at the outline of London, in an isolated location. The tour itself is organised by several operators that know how to captivate children. The rare walk takes your kids behind-the-scenes of the Harry Potter movies, giving them the opportunity to see their beloved sights. What is more, they will see first-hand the costumes as well as the props used making the successful series. Why not provide your kids the chance to follow Harry’s magical footsteps?

National Gallery

Travelling is the perfect chance to combine pleasure with learning. To be more precise, your family should visit the National Gallery. This place is especially designed for children, featuring frequent storytelling sessions. In addition to conveying stories, the National Gallery proposes offers art, play and song meetings. If this weren’t enough, the National Gallery of London has a vast collection of paintings. You and your kids can thinks deeply about Paolo Uccello’s Battle of San Romano or admire George Stubbs’ horses. The great news is that entrance is free of charge, but you have to book upon arrival.