Pregnancy 101: How to Find a Good Obstetrician

Since pregnancy and childbirth can be very stressful, it is important to find an obstetrician who can ask all your questions with patience and understanding. Keep in mind that the best healthcare partner will explain to you any problem completely and clearly, because only that way you will be able to follow his advice, and ensure that everything goes according to the plan. Negligent doctors can make many medical errors, including misreading symptoms, establishing a bad diagnostic, and prescribing an inadequate treatment that can affect your health, and the health of your baby. Medical negligence is a serious issue that causes many victims annually, so in order to prevent unexpected situations, you must find a good obstetrician that can take proper care of you during pregnancy and childbirth.

Seek recommendations from friends and family

The best solution for ensuring that your obstetrician will take well care of you is to stay with your gynecologist, because he or she knows all your medical history, so you will be in good hands. However, if your gynecologist is not also an obstetrician, you can ask your friends who have babies to recommend you someone they trust. Furthermore, seeking recommendations from pregnant relatives or women who have recently had a child is very indicated, because, unlike labor-and-delivery nurses, childbirth educators and healthcare providers who might offer you biased information, they will give you honest information about obstetricians in your area.

Get the list of the board-certified obstetricians in your zip code

If you couldn’t get any recommendations from your relatives and friends, we advise you to call the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists at (202) 638-5577 to obtain the list of board-certified obstetricians who work in your area. Furthermore, we suggest to access their website too, because that will help you discover an obstetrician in your zip code.

Consider a specialist who can relate to your individual needs

In order to ensure that you and your obstetrician share the same views, you must visit as many doctors as possible, and stick with the one who has the same policies and beliefs as yours. Moreover, the most important aspect that you must consider when selecting your healthcare provider is to find someone who is specialized in treating the same problems that you have. Urinary tract disorders, hormonal issues, unusual bleeding, are all special needs that need to be taken care of by a doctor with related training.

Aside from finding a good obstetrician, you should also do some research on various cases of pregnancy negligence and birth negligence. By familiarizing yourself with these cases, you can take precautionary methods against such dangers.