Sharing student accommodation – the gains and challenges

If you are planning to study abroad, finding student accommodation is the first thing to take care of. Although, a shared student housing might not be your first choice, you should think about the financial and social advantages that you can benefit from. When it comes to student accommodation Manchester, there are many great options to choose from, so you will certainly find a house you will like. If you are interested in finding out more information about shared accommodation, then here are some of the challenges you might face but some of the gains as well.

Sharing expenses

One of the first reasons why most students choose to share accommodation is the budget. Because as a student, you will have many expenses and limited financial possibilities, sharing student house will also mean sharing utility costs, cleaning costs, grocery expenses and so on. The money you would have paid for rent, if you had chosen to live on your own, you can use for your personal pleasures.

Cleaning duties conflicts

The most difficult challenge of living with others is dealing with cleaning duties conflicts. Because some of the flatmates might be messier than others, facing misunderstanding and discussions will be inevitable. What you need to do to overcome this issue is to establish right from the start each tenant’s cleaning responsibilities. From vacuuming to washing the dishes, make sure each of your house mate is in charge of a particular cleaning chore. If you discus every detail from the start, you will be able to avoid this type of conflicts.

Noise issues

Because each tenant has their own program, their own taste in music and their own lifestyle, the personality differences might lead to some conflicts. Noise is often an issue for those who live in a shared accommodation. If you need to study for an important exam, but one of your housemates is listening to loud music, you should avoid arguing, and just express your thoughts in a calmly and friendly way. Gather all of your housemates for a discussions and establish some ground rules. If you communicate with each other, living together does not have to be unpleasant.

Building friendships

After college, besides the academicals accomplishments you will also have some personal gains. Sharing a tenancy will give you the opportunity to interact with different people and build friendships that perhaps will last a lifetime.

As you can see, sharing student accommodation can have its ups and down, but is certainly an experience you will learn to love. Make sure you build friendly relationships and avoid any types of conflict. Because you will not only share expenses with your housemates, but responsibilities as well, opting for shared student accommodation is certainly the best option for you, from both a financial and social point of view. If you have not yet found a student accommodation, then you should start looking as soon as possible. See which your options are, and choose a house that can provide you with the comfort you require.