Signs you have a calcium deficiency

Because calcium is such an essential element for the health of your bones, a possible deficiency should be noticed on time and treated accordingly. If you are thinking that this may be an issue in your case, but without consulting a specialist, you are not quite sure if taking a supplement is necessary, then you should know that there are a few signs that indicate this issue.  Once you know with certainty that you are dealing with this kind of issue, then you can feel safe taking a proper supplement such as AlgaeCal supplement, which has can offer the results you desire. Here are a few indicators of calcium deficiency:

Muscle cramps

An initial symptom that those dealing with this issue experience are muscle cramps. Once a decrease of calcium occurs, this will be one of the first repercussion, Any muscle ache that is constantly appearing should be given more consideration. If you deal with underarm, arm or thigh muscle cramps, then perhaps you will require taking a supplement.

Weak nails

Weak or brittle nails are probably the most well known symptom of calcium deficiency. In order for your nails to remain healthy and strong, they require the consumption of adequate amounts of calcium. If you have noticed that your nails are not as healthy as they should be, although you believe your diet includes sufficient food that contains calcium, then you should think about resorting to a supplement.

Tooth decay

One of the most unpleasant symptoms of calcium deficiency is a tooth decay. Because you probably want to avoid a possible such an issue, which is unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view as well, it is recommended to take a supplement as soon as you begin to feel your teeth weaker than normal. Children that have not consumed sufficient calcium may be confronted with a delay in the start of tooth formation as well. Remember that calcium is an important constituent for your teeth, so take care of this problem before it leads to more serious problems.


Although you may have never thought that your insomnia is triggered by a calcium deficiency, this is one of the most common signs. The inability to fall asleep easily, loss of sleep or unsatisfactory deep sleep are all indicators of a possible issue of this kind. Research the symptoms more carefully, and if you come the conclusion that you may be dealing with calcium deficiency, take care of the problem as soon as possible, and find out which supplement would be best to take on a regular basis, one that does not present any risks.

If these several signs seem familiar, then perhaps you are dealing with a calcium deficiency yourself. Then do not let this problem become more serious, and consider taking an efficient supplement that can help your medical reports improve. Research the topic with care, and choose a supplement that will help you remediate your calcium deficiency. Start taking the recommended daily dose, and you will notice improvements.