Things to know before going to zumba

Lately more and more women choose to attend a zumba class, when they decide to workout, because they find it a pleasant way of toning their body. But, you should know from the beginning that stepping to a zumba class for the first time can be overwhelming, especially if you do not practice sport on a regular basis. Also, you should know that this class requires a lot of coordination and you will have to keep up with the other attendants, because they will not slow down for you. Therefore, if you do not want to be surprised by your first zumba Keysborough class, you should take a look at the following lines, where it is thoroughly explained the zumba experience.

Bring your towel and a bottle of water

You might think that you will not need a towel when you are going to attend a class that is focused mainly on dancing, but you would be surprised to see the amount of sweat that builds up during zumba. Between songs, there will be a break, which is the perfect time for you to drink some water.

Bring comfortable shoes

Because this is the first time you attend a zumba class, you should not invest in a special pair of shoes because you do not know if this training is for you or not. But, you should choose a pair of sport shoes which feature a tinny sole, and which are able to support the ankle, because zumba is all about pivoting and side-to-side movements. You should not take the running shoes, because they are designed for a front-to-back motion, and they will give you a hard time during training.

You will probably mess up

As stated before if you do not have experience you will not be able to keep up with all the moves your instructor will do. Therefore, you should listen to your teacher, who will state you from the beginning of the class, than you should keep moving, even if you do the wrong moves, because in time you will transform them into great ones. Effort is the key word when you attend zumba classes, so you should know that no one is praised for the choreography technique, but for the effort. The main goal of this class is to provide you an enjoyable workout that helps you achieve your goals, so continue to move and do not give up when you notice that your colleagues are better than you are.

Do not stand in the front of the room

When you attend the first class of zumba, you should not stay in the centre or front of the room, because you will want to retire when you feel exhausted and you should do this without bothering the others. You should find a spot toward the back of the room until you learn the moves, and when you feel confident, you can try out different places until you find the one that you like. Also, keep in mind that the routine is always changing, so you should always be prepared for new moves.