Three things women hate about their ex-boyfriends

In the majority of cases, couples do not make-up because one of the partners does not know how to act after the break-up. If you have recently broken-up with your girlfriend, and you still have feelings for her, and want to get her back, then you should know that there is still a chance, but you have to have patience, and come up with a plan. Even if they are not aware, women hate some actions ex-boyfriends tend to do, in the period following the break-up, so you should avoid these things, and you might have a chance to get her back, and be happy together. This guide is not the classic article about how to win her back, but on what to avoid if you want to make her want you back.

Invading her space

Sometimes, if a woman does not want to make up with a man, there is nothing to do, so you should be patient and offer her time and space. This is not the moment to show up your jealousy, because you do not have the right to do it, and you would make her angrier than help her missing you. The entire purpose of leaving her space is to make her miss you and realize that she wants to get you back. Therefore, avoid to meet her every day, and do not make a habit from following her, because you will look like a stalker and she will want to keep you at a distance rather than make up with you.

Calling and testing

Once you have broken up with her, you should avoid texting and calling her every day, because you do not leave her time to realize if she wants to get back to you or not. Also, in this way neither you nor her will be able to realize if you want to get back together. There are situations when you only want to make up with her, because you are accustomed with her, and you do not see yourself next to another person. Do not call and text her for a while, and it will help both you and her see what your feelings are.

Dating with their friends

Some men have the wrong impression that if they make their ex-girlfriends jealous, they will come back to them. Well, you should know that your ex would be angry on you, and there is little chance on getting her back in this way. If you want to go on dates, you should try to avoid letting her know, and do not ask on a date one of her friends. If you do this, you only show her that you do not respect her, and she will never want to get near you. If you want to see what your feelings for her are, by dating other women, you should be a discreet man, and meet with them in a part of town you know there is little chance for her or her friends to come.