Ways to decorate a minimal living room

The image of the perfect living room has gone through a lot of changes in the past decades, turning from a cluttered place, with heavy furniture and plenty of decorations, to a bright, edited down version where every item is carefully chosen and has a special role. Minimalism has definitely changed the way people refurbish their living spaces, putting the emphasis on the idea that less is more and that a house does not need to be cluttered with objects in order to be personal. One of the main components of minimalism is the transition from paintings to wall prints. Since very few people have the budget to invest in high quality, genuine paintings, they resort to rip-offs that look out of place and generic. Wall canvases, on the other hand, when customized on sites such as CanvasJet, add a touch of originality to your home and give it a fresh, modern look. Here is how you can incorporate photo canvases into your living room décor.

Print illustrations


Illustrations may not be as expensive as paintings, but they are definitely meaningful. Many up-and-coming artists publish their illustrations online and, if you are allowed to, you can print them online to create a huge wall display. Many modern illustrations incorporate abstract elements, typography and vivid colors that look amazing on the bright walls of a minimalist living room.



Create a photo collage


Creating a photo collage is a great idea if photography is one of your hobbies and you want to showcase important moments. You can combine landscape photos, photos of your city or of your friends and family to create a unique look and feel that completely represents you and makes you feel like home. You can easily create collages online, with services such as CanvasJet.



Print your social media photos


By now, we all know that a great part of who we are is summed up on social media photos. If you are one of the people who take hundreds of photos for Facebook and Instagram, why leave all your photos to be forgotten online? With the help of specialized online services, you can print your social media pictures and decorate your living room for a youthful, genuine feel. Of course, they will not be high quality photos, since they’re made with a smartphone, but that’s the very idea, to recreate spontaneity and make the living room feel bright and happy.