When is Your Daughter Old Enough to Use Makeup

Every girl likes to receive compliments for her looks, which is why women start using beauty tricks from a fragile age. Still, is your daughter ready to use makeup? Children reach maturity at different ages, which means that a child who is 10 years old can be more mature than a 13 year old. Therefore, even if two girls are the same age, their intellect can register different levels. So, it is hard to tell if a girl is old enough to use makeup or not. Here is a guide that might help you out regarding this matter.

Is your daughter wise enough to understand the implications of using makeup?

If a girl has the tendency to go to bed without removing her makeup first, she is not ready to use cosmetics yet. Furthermore, we advise you to ask your daughter a set of questions before allowing her to enhance her looks with beauty products. Ask her about the impact that makeup has on the skin, and try to find out where she will get the money from to buy cosmetics. If she shows signs that she wants to find a solution to earn the money that she is going to spend on beauty products, than she is wise enough to be financial responsible. So, maybe you should show her that you trust her decisions. However, if she plans to keep asking you for money to satisfy her caprice, than maybe you should teach her about the responsibilities that come with trying to act like an adult.

Does she know how to use makeup?

Putting it simple, a girl who doesn’t know how to use cosmetics, shouldn’t be encouraged to wear makeup. Based on the fact that she could make huge mistakes, she could end up looking worse than she looks in reality, and nothing good can come out of that. There are two solutions for this type of situations:

  • You can teach her how to put make up on. That requires getting more free time to spend with your daughter, which is always a good idea, because spending quality time with your family is the only way you can maintain close relationships with the ones you love.
  • Ask her to use makeup only on her lips until she is old enough to learn how to apply foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow. That way, she won’t get the chance to do anything wrong, because applying just a lipstick is very easy and simple. Furthermore, mascara can be applied easily too, but it has to be removed every night before going to sleep. A lash growth serum is more recommended than a mascara, because it can make the eyelashes look longer in a natural way. Moreover, there are many lash growth serums that can provide the same results like a mascara, so they represent a better choice. You can discover more about this type of products on the eyelash growth serum reviews website. The beauty of lash growth serums is that they provide long lasting results unlike mascara which only creates the illusion of longer lashes while actually damaging the lashes.