Why choose private student accommodation over dorms

Preparing for college is an exciting period for most students. In case you are getting ready to head off, then you must acknowledge the importance of accommodation. For this reason, you need to start looking for a place to live with some time in advance. If you have chosen a reputable university city, such as Liverpool, you can rest assured there are plenty of alternatives to select from. Ranging from traditional dorms to luxurious student facilities, the city has something to offer to each and every of its students. It is true stat staying in the campus has its perks, but you should also consider getting your own apartment, especially if you are thinking about sharing it with one of your friends. This may be the better choice from multiple points of view. In order to evaluate the options and make the right decision, you need to evaluate the pros and cons and see what would work best for you. Here are some criteria you should keep in mind when looking for the most suitable student accommodation Liverpool:


For most teenagers, moving out from their parents’ house means fewer restrictions and more independence. For this reason, when looking for the right accommodation option, freedom and flexibility are definite criteria you have to keep in mind. While living in a dorm means you have to obey general rules and cohabitate with your neighbours, if you have your own apartment you can do whatever you want. Dorm regulations are quite strict, especially regarding inspections, visitors and schedule, so the best option is searching for private accommodation. Of course, a rented apartment comes with a lease agreement, but this document is normally more flexible and permissive than a dorm contract.


When you live in a dorm, privacy is probably the one thing you will miss the most. Whether you have roommates or not, you still share a small space with many other people, so they will end up knowing almost anything you do. In case you are used to have your own space back home, as soon as you move in a dorm you will have to say ‘goodbye’ to that perk. However, if you choose an apartment, you will not have to worry about lack of privacy, even if you share it with some of your friends. Each of you will have their own room, so you can decorate however you want or just concentrate on your studies. This is probably the best advantage of living in a condo or house.


Also dorm bedrooms may seem the most cost efficient solution in terms of student accommodation, this is not actually trues. There are plenty of alternatives that will cost you less money and provide you way more comfort and benefits. You have your own kitchen, your own bathroom and also all the privacy you need, not to mention other services and amenities. What is more, you can get this and pay the same amount of money.